Turquoise Single

$119.99 USD

Due to high demand and supply chain challenges, all toddlermonitors will ship in ~3 months time. Secure your toddlermonitor by pre-ordering it today!

Includes: Decco the toddlermonitor smart door motion sensor device; USB charge cord; and unlimited downloads of the iOS App.

Compatible with iOS devices: iPhone 6* or newer; iPad (Regular, Pro or Mini).

Toddler Friendly Baby Monitor – With its cute design, Decco the toddlermonitor is a smart monitor that is fully controlled by the free Decco the toddlermonitor app. It hangs on a doorknob and alerts parents if their child leaves their bedroom.

Versatile Features – Small and lightweight, Decco the toddlermonitor can hang on any type of door and can be moved without installation, making it perfect for travel. Decco the toddlermonitor is rechargeable and keeps it's charge for 5 days.
Simple To Use With The Free Smartphone App  Decco the toddlermonitor is a breeze to setup and pairs to your iOS device in seconds. The app allows you to monitor up to 3 Decco the toddlermonitor devices at the same time and tailor the style of alerts that you receive, including vibration, volume and sound.

Reliable Bluetooth Technology 
 Decco the toddlermonitor uses the latest Bluetooth LE technology to cover homes of all sizes. The Bluetooth technology allows you to connect without Wi-Fi, no need to rely on unknown networks or unreliable internet.

High-Quality Materials  Decco the toddlermonitor is made with 100% BPA free silicone materials. You can rest comfortably knowing that this child safety device is completely non-toxic and has no small parts to swallow.