The BIG KID move - Simple tips to help transition your toddler from a crib to a big kid bed

Okay Mama, you've got this...

Moving out of the crib is a major milestone for you and your little monkey, but keep the toddler drama to a minimum and the fun to a maximum by following these simple tips!

Decide if they are ready –

  • Little climbers: If your little monkey is trying to, or succeeding in escaping their crib – this can lead to serious injury if a fall were to occur 
  • Growing like a weed: if you hear your child banging against the crib in their sleep or they are starting to look cramped it might be time to make the move
  • Don’t rush: Some kids are ready at 18 months and others can last until they are 3, so don’t rush if your child is not ready
Make a plan –
  • Bring on the bed: get ready for your transition by ordering a safe and secure bed that meets safety guidelines
  • Get them ready: chat a little bit about moving to a new bed, consider some books on the topic to read at bedtime in the days leading up to the transition, but don’t over do it. You don’t want to create anxiety about the move, be calm and casual about the transition.
  • Pick the right time: choose a time when you can dedicate some extra time and attention to bedtime, avoid holidays and times of change like moving or starting at a new daycare, so that you and your little are not overwhelmed.
  • Safety first: make sure furniture is secured to the walls, and all hazards have been removed or secured. Use a toddlermonitor to stop nightwanderings.
Make the big move –
  • Healthy habits: most children will leave their room at some point, so be consistent. If they leave their room, put them back into bed as soon as they get out, you can use toddlermonitor so you don’t have to camp at the door. Interact at a minimum so they don’t see it as a fun game or visit. Just calmly put them back into bed, say goodnight, and leave the room. You may have to do this many times to get them accustomed.
  • Reward system: explain that it is important to stay in bed and help your child set goals for what they will get if they achieve it. Some ideas… Stay in bed all night, get a story read by Mommy in bed in the morning. Stay in bed all week, have Pizza for dinner or enjoy a family outing or movie. Make it something they will be excited about and that includes time with you!
  • Keep them safe: be aware of additional hazards that could exist in and around your home. Toddlermonitor can help you with this by alerting you, so you can stop the any unwanted nighttime adventures
  • Be cool: go with the flow, you will likely hit some bumps along the way, but by sticking with the plan you will help build the healthy habits that will suit your family.
Tips from other Moms:

"With my first I rushed it, my second may stay in her crib until college."  – Kate

"Letting my daughter pick her bedding helped make the transition fun for both of us. It was a special shopping trip and a lovely memory." – Dana

"My son was really nervous and kept coming into our room and sleeping under our bed. After a couple months of this, he wasn’t getting a good sleep so we used toddlermonitor to help us know he was leaving his room. Surprise to us that he stopped doing it because he felt safer with toddlermonitor keeping the monsters out."  - Steph

Some fun books to prep your little: