Our Story

We are moms, business women, and best friends turned entrepreneurs!

When one of our 2-year-olds got out of the house undetected one night, we were terrified. We couldn’t believe it had happened, and that we hadn’t woken up. Searching online for a solution, we found nothing designed to monitor the movements of toddler-aged children.

Existing baby monitors weren't suitable once children were out of their cribs, door locks didn’t feel safe, and security systems were too expensive and impractical for travel. Talking to other parents, we discovered many faced the same problem, with numerous news stories highlighting the dangers of children wandering at night.

Over a couple of glasses of wine, the idea for a simple motion detector on a door to monitor toddlers was born. Despite having no experience in product manufacturing, our business backgrounds gave us the confidence to pursue our idea. Fueled by some naivety, a lot of passion, and even more wine, we embarked on the adventure of building our product and brand.

Decco the toddlermonitor™ has become our mission to keep kids safe and a labor of love inspired by our sons, Declan and Cooper.

Whether transitioning your child to a “big kid bed,” traveling to a family member’s house, or taking a trip to the cabin, we hope Decco the toddlermonitor™ gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your child is safe, sound, and where they are supposed to be—asleep in their bed.

Much love, Krista and Lisa